Now YOU Are In Control Of The Data!

What we've known for sometime now is that some of our readers prefer we keep it simple.  They want to look at the clubs, read our thoughts, see a score and move on.  Still others have asked for more detail, more information, and more data.  Data can be awesome, but without the right way to present it, it can be come at best unwieldy, and at worse useless as we slide past meaningful information into a statistical quagmire.  The only way we could satisfy both types of readers, the only way it would ever work was for us to find a means where we could present our data graphically, and provide you with the controls to visualize that data however you want to see it.

Our Interactive Review System

I'm really excited by the possibilities of an interactive chart based system. What you see on this page is just the first steps towards an entirely new type of golf review.  Here's a few things you can do on this page:

Quick Interactive Review Guide

  • Selecting and de-selecting check boxes on the right hand side to compare data from as few or as many clubs as you like.
  • Sort individual charts from highest to lowest or lowest to highest (select the chart and then use the sort button at the bottom underneath the specifications chart).
  • Download the data (PDF, jpg, and raw data downloads are supported).

As we've said a few times already, this really is the beginning.  We're still very much learning the capabilities of this new system, and for everyone's sake we wanted to start with the very small data set you see here.  That said, here are just a few of the things we're looking into adding in future reviews:

  • Graphical shot by shot details of each and every ball hit by our testers
  • Additional sorting capabilities including by handicap and by swing speed
  • Charts showing the results of our subjective surveys
  • "Final Score" charts that show the breakdown between distance/accuracy, performance/subjective, etc.

We Need Your Help

We are dedicated to the continuing development of the ULTIMATE Golf Club Review System.  We welcome your feedback and want to hear any ideas you may have.  Is there additional information you'd like to see?  Do you have an idea for a new chart, or an idea for how we can improve the layout for next time?  We want to know.  Drop us a line, or stop by the forums and let us know what you think.