About the Data

While you should be familiar with the basic launch monitor measurements, we wanted to make you explicitly aware of the measurements we use to determine our final rankings.

  • Distance (yards) is the average distance (regardless of left/right dispersion) for each iron.
  • Radial Distance (distance to the pin) is shown in feet.
  • Shot Area is a measure of the dispersion or consistency of each iron. It provides the size (yards squared) of a 90% confidence ellipse (the area in which 90% of shots can expected to fall). A smaller value should be regarded as better.
  • Carry Consistency is how we quantify forgiveness. The value presented is the standard deviation of carry distance (regardless of left/right dispersion). Once again, a smaller number is better.

*Keep in mind that the offline number is a bit misleading as it calculates averages while assigning a positive value to shots right of the target and a negative value to shots left of the target. As such, if we consider the average of two shots both 5 yards left of the target line (both -5), the offline average would be -5. However, if we consider a different two shots - the first 10 yards left of the target (-10), the second 10 yards right of the target (10), the offline average would be 0 despite the fact that neither shot was as good as either of our first two examples.

Note: There are separate tabs for long, middle, and short iron performance.