"All I know is golf."

My name is Adam Beach and all I know is golf.

This place, this site, it's more than just a business to me, it truly is an expression of who I am and what I believe in, down to my core.  I feel the work I do is a reflection of who I am and the idea behind the work I do is more important than the work itself.

You see, I don't actually see myself in the golf business at all, I am in the business of caring.  You, the reader/golf consumer challenge me everyday to get it right.  I take pride in being morally sound and looking out for you, in fact I lose sleep over it.  It drives me nuts to think a golfer somewhere is being taken advantage of by marketing or big business. The last thing golf companies should be doing is treating golfers like they are less important than money, because you're not.  I don't think you or any other golfer should spend a dollar unless it improves on what's already in your bag.

I am also an obsessive data cruncher, over analyzer, and insanely honest.   You see my words and question my motives, so I wanted to give you a chance to see who I am on a personal level.  I designed a putter that was used in the Ryder Cup, I competed in a world long drive competition, I have fit thousands of golfers, I designed some technology I feel changed the game, but like most people that love golf, I worked at a golf shop for my first job. Mostly, I am just a guy who wakes up with one goal: do the right thing.

Watch the video and maybe that will help you understand, you are my motive.

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