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So from the looks of it...you are most likely on this page because you want more people to see what your Company (or) Product is all about. Well...this is the right place then...because MyGolfSpy readers are some of the most intelligent golfers on the planet. If you want over 500,000 Unique Visitors Every Month to see what you do...then give it a shot!

** Advertising Options (Pick and Choose) **

We feel like most sites only give you one or two options when it comes to advertising and most of the time neither really fit what you truly had in mind. That's crazy...your paying but you don't get to choose? That's why we want to offer you the "MyGolfSpy Value Menu" of advertising. And if for some reason you can't find something to fit your plan or budget then take a look at #5.

NEW! Forum Sponsorships

Becoming a sponsor on the forum opens up limitless opportunities for your company.  Not only do you  get a 728 x90 banner for only $299/month but you also get to interact with the readers on a daily basis. This means the more you become a part of the forum the more readers will get involved with you and your product.  If you want to explore all the options with a forum sponsorship email us today!

TERMS: by purchasing this limited time ad offer you agree to the following terms and conditions

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#1 Value Ad - 125×125 Buttons

With over 500,000 unique monthly readers and 1,000,000 impressions on MyGolfSpy these buttons are a huge bang for your buck.  Buttons are site wide and appear in the sidebar to the right.  If you're looking for instant traffic and brand awareness this is the spot for you.

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#2 Value Ad - 728x90 Banner (Beside Logo)

Have your site put on the top of MyGolfSpy.com for everybody to see. No spot gets more exposure!  This banner will be on the top of every page...not just the homepage. This ad absolutely stands out in the crowd!

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#4 Value Ad - Top/Bottom of Article

Want all the eyes on you? Well then sign-up for this choice and you will have your site or product seen every time someone reads an article at MyGolfSpy.com. These ads work great because of the reader's are typically engaged in the article...which means more eyes on your ad! We will also expose your product to all of our Twitter + Facebook followers (once).

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#5 Value Ad - Create-An-Ad

We understand that a Banner Ad or Review might not fit everyone's needs in regards to advertising. That is why we want to offer to you our expertise...we will work hand-in-hand in coming up with a custom Ad that will give you more bang for your buck. These are always the most effective ads by far!

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Advertise Your Company or Product on MyGolfSpy.com

We started to make a list of all the reasons and we realized it was getting too long so we figured we would just give you the Top 5 reasons why you need to be on MyGolfSpy.com.

  1. Price - it is by far the most affordable golf advertising on the web.
  2. Traffic - 500,000 Unique Visitors Every Month
  3. Page Views - Over 1,00,000 Page Views Monthly
  4. Options - We Have Tons Of Options To Choose From
  5. Readers - Extremely loyal readers who have signed up for our newsletter...this means better viewership for your business. We deliver the news to them...they don't have to come to us.

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