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Reality Shows Suck...But This is Instant Classic!

Reality show ideas usually suck...big time...but news today of a reality show pairing possibly the man with worst golf swing ever (Charles Barkley) and the man that fixes bad golf swings (Hank Haney) could be an instant classic! Well at least for one or two episodes.

Hitch in His GiddyUp

If you haven't heard, Barkley has a major hitch in his giddyup when it comes to his swing thoughts over the ball. So he thought it would be a great idea (Cough...way to make money) to call Hank Haney and put him up to the ultimate challenge...Fixing Charle's Barkley's Swing! Hank must have agreed because the filming begins in a couple weeks in Dallas.

“I was telling Hank (Tuesday) that when I’m standing over the ball, I’m (expletive deleted) terrified. I have no idea what’s going to happen. He told me he used to have the yips, but not as bad as me. That’s what makes me think he can fix what’s wrong.’’

Barkley is desperate, he has gone from playing everyday to now only playing about three times a year and not really because of his frustration but because of his playing partners lack of patience. Supposedly, Michael Jordan doesn't even want to play with Barkley. “He said it might be contagious,’’ Barkley says.

If you are a golfer and you have not seen these you might be from Mars but you have to see these:

Do YOU Think Hank Haney Will Fix His Swing?