"The Most Insane Golf Blog Contest Ever!"

Contest Winners

Here are the winners of the contest...if you are a winner we will be contacting you with all the details on your prizes and when you should be expecting to rip those things open in the mail. Many of the sponsors are shipping out the prizes from their headquarters so you will possibly receive more then 1 package if you are a winner. Thanks so much for all of you that competed!


Grand Prize Winner! - (E Hutchens)

"MyGolfSpy.com - Tomorrow's Golf Equipment Today!"

2nd Place Winner - (Tony C)

"MyGolfSpy.com - See Tomorrow's Golf Gear, Today!"

3rd Place Winner - (Peter Ciambrone)

"MyGolfSpy.com - What The Golf Channel Won't Tell You."

4th Place Winner - (Brandon Rigby)

"MyGolfSpy.com - The Peeping Tom Of The Golf Industry"

5th Place Winner - (Neverfaze)

"MyGolfSpy.com - The Secrets Of The Golf Industry, Exposed!"

6th Place Winner - (Dave Umeda)

"MyGolfSpy.com - Golf's Secret Agent Man!"

7th Place Winner - (Adam Berger)

"MyGolfSpy.com - No Bull No Bias! Just The Facts on Golf Equipment"

8th Place Winner - (Andrew Marsh)

"MyGolfSpy.com - Feared by Manufacturers, Loved by Golfers"

9th Place Winner - (Brendon Elliot)

"MyGolfSpy.com - The Word on Golf, Before It Hits The Streets!"

10th Place Winner - (CJ Bush)

"MyGolfSpy.com - Bond's Got Nothing On Us!"

Winners (11th Place - 25th Place)

11. Nicolas Hasegawa

12. Parker

13. Ryan Holcomb

14. Garth

15. Dave Wolfe

16. Toni Capoverdi

17. Jason Kincaid

18. Clayton S.

19. Chip Royce

20. Golfer Burnz

21. Dave Burnett

22. Jeremy S.

23. Patrick Queen

24. Specs

25. Wai Chan