1. Spy Photos

Have you seen any photos on the web of prototype golf equipment...or are you going to a PGA Tour Event soon? If so then we’d love to pay you for your photos. We pay US $25 p/photo that is used, and you’ll have the honor of being published on the best golf blog around!

All you have to do:

  • Look at websites for new spy photos, go to tour events and snap shots or have people you know in the industry send you photos...then send them to MyGolfSpy and get paid...it's that easy!
  • You consent to the photo(s) appearing exclusively on MyGolfSpy for a period of 1 month (after which you may publish it elsewhere as well if you wish).
  • Provide us with your PayPal information and then you get paid. Earnings will be paid at the end of each month.
  • You can send us almost any type of file or if you need help just let us know we will take care of that for you.
  • So what are you waiting for...go become a Golf Spy and get paid for it.

Photo Acceptance and Payment

Please note, not all photos will be accepted. We only accept photos that match the site’s standards.  If your photo is accepted, payment of US $25 will be made within 2 weeks after your photo has been posted on MYGOLFSPY.

2. Article Ideas

Get paid to search for golf stuff! Yes we are serious...we will pay you to do what you are already doing anyway...looking at golf websites.  How great is that? 

Thousands of new golf products and websites are launched everyday. Unfortunately, the MYGOLFSPY crew can't get around to seeing them all. That's where you come in...you will be our extra eyes and ears, either on the internet or anywhere theirs a great golf story or photo.

And as soon as you see something newsworthy send us an email...and if we pick your idea we'll pay you US $5 p/Article Idea that is used on MYGOLFSPY.