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As we just finish the largest unbiased driver test in the golf industry. Most people aren't aware of the costs associated with operating MyGolfSpy's independent testing and research facility, or that MyGolfSpy is the only golf media outlet our size that refuses all advertising from all of the large golf equipment manufacturers. We want to remain that way for you.

Our hope is to always remain fiercely independent and proudly unbiased.  MyGolfSpy belongs to you. We want to keep it that way.

The only way we can continue to serve you and the hundreds of thousands of other golfers — unbiasedly, fairly, and impartially — is with your support. Last year alone it took over $150,000 to independently test and research all products on your behalf.

“MyGolfSpy is the only place in golf absolutely free of marketing influence.  I truly trust you are honest with us, the golf consumer.”
— Charles Barrett, MGS Reader since 2013

Our mission is to educate and empower golfers. We want you to get the most performance for your money, and your time. That means providing you with reviews and reporting you can trust. We don’t think you should spend a dollar unless what you get in return improves upon what’s already in your bag.

We are incredibly thankful to the 600,000+ monthly MGS readers and golfers who share our passion for the game and our belief that the golf consumer should come first.

The donation you make today towards our annual $25,000 goal will allow us to continue to put the golfer ahead of the golf companies. Your support will allow us to keep producing the reviews you depend on to assist you in making the best decisions for your game.

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