To evaluate Full Swing Trainers each analyzer is put through a normal usage scenario. This includes initial account setup, physically connecting the device to multiple clubs, using the device, and reviewing recorded data within the provided app.

Each device is then graded based on 10 distinct criteria under the more general headings of physical device, usability, actionable data, and user interface.

Category scores are tallied to determine the Most Wanted Swing Analyzer.

Here are the details of how each category is assessed and scored.

Physical device

Build Quality: The build quality of each device and the attachment mechanism are inspect and graded for design, durability, and ease of connection.
Perceived Accuracy: Testers graded the accuracy of the data based on knowledge of their own swing, typical numbers recorded by launch monitors and, where there is overlap, relative to the other devices tested.
Reliability: A reflection of the frequency of missed swings and the loss of bluetooth connectivity between the device and user’s phone/tablet.


Initial Setup: Beginning with the opening of the box through to the first measured swing, devices are graded on how easy or difficult it is to begin using the device.
Ease of Use: After the initial setup, devices are assigned a graded based on how easy it is to use the the analyzer on an ongoing basis. This evaluation considers both the remainder o fthe initial test session as well as future sessions.
Ease of Calibration: A measure of both the complexity of the calibration process. Devices receiving high grades often require little more calibration than attaching to a club, while devices receiving lower grades may require multiple or  more complex steps.
Calibration Frequency: Devices are graded on how often calibration was required. Some devices require a single calibration, while others require you to effectively re-calibrate between swings.

Actionable Data

Features Set: There are 10 standard features we believe each devices should have. Devices are docked 1 point for each missing feature.
In App Instruction: Does the device provide swing instruction, and is that instruction sufficient to help the average golfer address the swing faults identified by the device. Devices requiring an outside source for instruction receive 0 points.

User Interface

App Usability & Presentation: Apps are graded based on easy of use, functionality, and presentation. It's one thing to reliably collect a substantial amount of data, it's a quite a different thing to present it an easily digestible format such that average golfers can take full advantage of that data.