In 1996, Bobby Grace Putters was the very first golf company to utilize golf ball core material in the face insert of putters producing incredibly soft feel and roll.  Our General Manager at the time was best friends with the most famous golf ball chemical engineer in the world, who at the time had 26 patents and had worked with all of the great golf ball companies as an innovator of new products.  After months of testing every possible material, we finally cut a solid core ball in half and milled sections of the material to fit in the face.  The result was completely amazing to say the least.  We enjoyed the tagline “The Best Feeling Putters In the World” because this material was unlike any other.  We also were able to accomplish a feat on tour that has never been matched to this day as Bobby Grace HSM putters held all top ten positions in the same event with professionals using our putters.  Professional wins with HSM would become a regular occurrence on major tours all over the world and HSM putters would become a staple in the bags of recreational golfers of all skill levels as well.
In 2007, Bobby Grace and his R & D Team would go back to the drawing board and once again struck gold after 18 months of research and testing with one of the leading polymer facilities. Their scientists and our engineers were able to perfect the most forgiving “HSM” ever made.  This insert actually returns a higher amount of energy when you miss the sweet-spot by co-molding higher rebounds in the areas away from the sweet-spot.  We were able to retain the wonderful familiar feel that fans of the original HSM have grown to love and not be able to live without while at the same time, giving maximum forgiveness never before seen in a putter. Now, in 2009, thanks to our greatest version of HSM to date, Bobby Grace Putters will be known as “The Most Forgiving Putters In The World”.

Bobby Grace