The MYGOLFSPY team is one plagued by an inordinate amount of lofty aspirations, none more important than our goal to entertain as many people as possible via this here Interweb. We're constantly seeking talented people who share the same vision.

Because of our drive to claim as much Internet real estate as possible, it's not unusual for us to fill positions before they're offered publicly. We prefer to openly recruit talented people whose work we've grown to admire... sometimes creating new opportunities just to bring them on board.

So to put it bluntly: It's not often that we post job opportunities on this website. However, we can't stress this fact enough: The door is never shut if the right person comes knocking. So if you feel like knockin then this is how you do it:

contact (at) mygolfspy.com


Golf Writer
You've seen one of our sites, and you think hiring you as a contributor would make it a more entertaining web destination. Well, we would love to see your work then. Send us a few examples of original, exclusive content you would post on the site if you were hired, along plenty of information about yourself.

We have some great ideas and want to take the online golf world by storm but we need a talented programmer to make it come to life. So if you got major programming skills and like golf then shoot us an email...we want to talk.

contact (at) mygolfspy.com