From day one of the new review system we've talked about not only the importance of data, but the importance of actually being able to share that data with our readers.   What you see below is each and every shot that our 6 golfers took during the testing process for the Cleveland Mashie hybrid.  Hovering over any point on the map will give you all the pertinent details of that particular shot.  Raw averages were compiled for each and every piece of data we culled from our simulators.  If the screen looks a bit cluttered for your taste you can simply de-select any golfer to remove his data from the charts.

NEW: Tabbed Navigation

We've separated our shot map, and the graphs of the raw data into separate tabs. We hope this will make viewing the data a bit easier. From our perspective, it opens up the door for including more data down the road (we were pretty much maxed out under the single page display).

On each of the bar graphs, we include two reference lines.  The dotted gray line will always represent the average for all golfers for whom we collected data.  The dotted black line represents the averages for only those golfers you select. This way you are able to quickly see how the numbers from an individual, or sub-set of testers compares to both each other and the testing group as a whole.  We also include sliders which allow you to filter golfers based on driver swing speed and handicap.

What to Look For

It should be pretty obvious that for our testers anyway, the Mashie Hybrid basically took the right side of the golf course completely out of play. In fact, just a little bit more than 1 out of every 12 shots found its way right of center, which means almost 5 of every 6 shots were on the center line (2), or to the left of center. We've seen some clubs already this year that do a good job of taking the right side out of play, but the Mashie hybrid is by far the most left-side biased club we've tested to date.

How are we doing?

If there's anything you'd like us to try and add to these interactive pages we generate, stop by the MyGolfSpy forum and let us know.  If it's possible, we might just do it.