Mizuno JPX-800 (Interpreting the Data)

From day one of the new review system we've talked about not only the importance of data, but the importance of actually being able to share that data with our readers.   What you see below is each and every shot that our 6 golfers took during the test process.  Hovering over any point on the map will give you all the pertinent details of that particular shot.  Raw averages were compiled for each and every piece of data we culled from our simulators.  If the screen looks a bit cluttered for your taste you can simply de-select any golfer to remove his data from the charts.

As you might remember from last time, we've added two reference lines to each of the bar graphs below.  When all golfers are selected, only a single reference line will generally be visible.  That line represents the average results for each golfer for that given category.  When individual or multiple golfers are de-selected, a 2nd reference line will become visible.  The dotted gray line will always represent the average for all golfers for whom we collected data.  The dotted black line represents the averages for only those golfers you select. This way you are able to quickly see how the numbers from an individual, or sub-set of testers compares to both each other and the testing group as a whole.

Global Sliding Filters for Swing Speed and Handicap!

Last time out we had a moderately functional sliding filter to allow sorting by handicap.  This time around we've made that slider 100% functional and added a new slider to allow for sorting by swing speed as well.

As is always the case with our iron review process, testing for scoring purposes (and for the charts on these pages) was done using the 7 iron.  Golfers were encouraged to hit any and all clubs in the set.  Not only did most of them do that, but a few decided to play an entire round of golf on our simulators using our test clubs.

How are we doing?

If there's anything you'd like us to try and add to these interactive pages we generate, stop by the MyGolfSpy forum and let us know.  If it's possible, we might just do it.