"Consumer Reports of Golf"

We know what you’re thinking.
We know what you want.
We know what you need.

How do we know? Because this is what you’ve been telling us:

We’re tired of the hype in golf.
We‘ve had it with buying a new club only to see it discounted shortly after.
We want unbiased club reviews.
We deserve the truth.

MyGolfSpy was founded for these reasons, sparked to life by golfers just like you.

You asked for change and we answered the call. The industry needs accountability and the players need a voice. Together, let’s ignite the revolution.


To equip you with reviews you can trust and the info you need to get the most out of your performance, budget and time.

To add your voice to the thousands of other golfers who have something to say about the future of our game.




You are the reason we go to the office everyday. We work for you. By supporting MyGolfSpy today, we can continue to provide the truth golfers deserve.

We want to build a state of the art testing facility that rivals any in golf. We’ll put the claims to the test made by all the golf companies so you can see for yourself how they measure up. We’ll recruit specialists to cover a wider range of products and issues. Altogether, we want to provide you access to the most comprehensive database of reviews and information available today.

By doing so, we also want to grow our ranks to over a million strong. Imagine, over a million golfers united, forcing the golf companies to take notice and find better ways to serve you. Because we the players are the ones that ultimately support the game.




The same way that players need to visualize and understand the golf shots they face, you the consumer need the facts about the products you’re buying.

Unfortunately, marketing has become more important than performance and profits more important than your satisfaction. Knowing the truth about your choices has a huge impact on the actual value you get from any and every purchase you make.

For us, it’s not about getting you to buy more products, it’s about helping you buy the products best suited for your game.

In fact, we don’t want you to spend one dollar on a club unless it improves on what you already own.

That’s why we want to provide you with the data and the details you need to cut through the hype so you can see for yourself whether a club really is longer and straighter or whether it’s just newer and shinier.




That is a very important question to ask. Our response is simple:

Our testing criteria, performance data and conclusions are not influenced by advertising revenue. Unlike other golf media outlets, we’re free to report only the truth. We pay no attention to logos. We simply focus on what the numbers reveal in our testing.

Is this years driver better than last years? Is it worth the money? Is it a technological breakthrough or simply a new paint job?

Come on, let’s get it in the lab see what the data says.




MyGolfSpy exists to serve and be an advocate for golfers at every level, age and gender. At its heart though is a growing community of golfers looking for truth and who want to be heard. Whether you’re able to donate to our campaign or not, you can still help send a message to the industry that golfers want change.

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