The Video Caddy - Howard Stern

Howard Might Actually Be Wrong

Howard Stern has always been a ball buster and especially when it comes to his crew. But when it comes to his long time television director Scott Depace, he just might be in the wrong for bustin' his balls about his new golf invention "The Video Caddy".

The Video Caddy Fills a Need

The invention is called "The Video Caddy". Basically it allows you to film your swing without having to bring a Tripod to the golf course. Scott donated one for us to try out, and I have to say this gadget might be around the golf industry for quite sometime. Scott has really struck a cord with this one, because golfers are a little like body builders they love to analyze themselves over and over again. While in the meantime hardly every fixing anything about their game. But the main reason they can't fix their game is because they never get to see themselves on video. Almost all golfers complain about not being able to see their swing. Although, most of them go their entire lives without actually ever seeing it on film. And the main reason is because they simply do not feel like carrying all the equipment to the course. "The Video Caddy" eliminates having to bring the most cumbersome piece to the course....the Tripod. And now with cameras getting smaller by the day, you can now stick both the device and the camera in your bag without any issues.

Stiff Competition

The "Caddy" does have some competition though and that is the "Golf Video Perch". Same basic principal as "The Video Caddy" but the competition is made of plastic so it is lighter but slightly more expensive. Competition is a good thing in my opinion means their is a demand for this type of product. Both products have their advantages and their disadvantages, but both have a place in the game. These small devices have solved a major problem golfers have had for years.