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28 drivers have been put to the ultimate test.  An industry standard 20 golfers just like you spent over 150 hours in testing. Over 10,000 shots were captured, more than 250,000 data points scrutinized. All testing was conducted with a Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor with HMT. All testers used Bridgestone B330-RX golf balls.

Our goal is to empower the consumer with truthful and reliable information that will help you identify the best driver for your game. We celebrate all of you who love golf equipment.

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  • Highest Carry Yard Average (274.4)
  • Highest total yard average (291)

The Last Word: While it should be abundantly clear by now, we’ll say it one last time; The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 DBD was the longest driver we tested in 2015. Nowhere was this more apparent than with our higher swing speed players.


  • Top 5 for Carry yards across all drivers in the test
  • 2nd only to DBD in Total Yards

The Last Word: Nearly as long as double black diamond, FLY-Z+ tested as slightly more accurate and slightly more forgiving for our 100+ MPH testers. The group found strong performance similarities and the decision between the two may very well come down to your preference for either Gravity Core or Flip Zone weighting.


  • Produced highest average ball speed (160.4) of any club on this list
  • Top 5 for total yards (287.5) among higher swing speed golfers

The Last Word: Inarguably the most distance-focused entry on our list, the X7 is best suited for higher swing speed players who can consistently control the 46” shaft. While it wasn’t universal, several testers showed remarkably tight dispersion, which is doubly-impressive considering the extra length.


  • The most forgiving driver for high swing speed players

The Last Word: Bubba Watson notwithstanding, PING’s G-series is too often regarded as an option for higher handicap or slower swings. Our test showed that not only can higher swing speed players produce great numbers with the G30, where forgiveness is concerned, there’s simply no better option.


  • Top 5 for carry yards among higher swing speed golfers

The Last Word: Our Most Wanted Overall, the FLY-Z proved it’s not just for slower swingers. Once again it produced above average distance while holding its own for accuracy and forgiveness.